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Get your ROBIN ROBIN vinyl NOW!

Is it a command? It may as well be. This limited edition picture disk of our Ivor Novello nominated score of the Oscar nominated film by Aardman not only features all the instrumental music Beth and I wrote, with the help of superstar arrangers, Adam Langston and Jools Scott, conducted by Drew Morgan, featuring the Bristol Ensemble, Ossian Welsh Men's Choir, a host of soloists, mixed by the legend that is Jake Jackson, but also the songs - lyrics by the directors Mikey Please and Dan Ojari and sung by the all-star cast including Gillian Anderson, Richard E Grant and Bronte Carmichael. We also managed to put karaoke versions of the songs at the end of the record too, and a gorgeous jazz piano version by Jools Scott at the end.

We've imported 45 copies from the US which we're turning into a special SIGNED BAND EDITION filled with some goodies. In it we will include an original piece of sheet music from our recording sessions with the soloists as well as a hand-written thank you note and Bookshop Band sticker set. Full disclosure, you can buy it for a few pounds less at HMV as we didn't quite have their buying-power, but we've tried to make our edition extra special to make up for it :) And you'll be directly supporting us too. Here's a pre-order link and we'll ship out on the 29th November. Shipping only available in the UK on this link. Contact us for further afield options. Only 45 of these on offer!!!

Get 'em while they are hot!


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