Woke at 3.30am. Bundled all our stuff and Molly into the lift and shuffled/shuttled it to the taxi. Weather warnings of rain, ice and snow had been rumoured for New York. We were heading in the right direction to escape the minus temperatures expected on Monday. Our first flight was to Chicago and luckily Molly had fallen asleep in the taxi and didn’t wake up til we were well on our way there.

I also had a little snooze on the plane. When we got to Chicago, Ben w...

Molly woke up at 5am. This was our big double bill day in New York and it had started a little early. Ben and Molly went down for breakfast  while Beth caught up on a couple of hours having been feeding much of the night. Today we were meeting Beth’s old babysitter who had moved to New York in 2004. Jared is a systems and product designer, and Beth thought he might be a good person to take some photos of us in Manhattan before our show at the New York Public Libr...

Thursday 17th Jan

Woke up with a mild hangover from the whisky and MacGuffin Beer. We didn’t have a lot but the beer was 12%! Or maybe we were feeling the big pizza pie (When the moon hits your eye like a…’) that we had when we got back from the gig. Or maybe it was just the jet lag.

Molly woke up even earlier so it was Ben’s turn to get up while I snoozed til 7. We had a big day ahead of us - the cello needed to be picked up now the bridge was straightened, we nee...

New York is mild. I mean, it’s still below freezing but not the blizzards that could descend at this time of year. Just before we left the UK a friend sent us a link to a Reuters news story “Snow Mega-storm to hit central America”, its lead photo a picture of one of the venues we’ll be playing in a couple of weeks - the Historic Inn in Taos. Crikes. 

The night after we arrived we played a little warm-up house concert in the apartment of a poet, Owen Lewis, who we...

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