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‘Achingly good’

The New York Times


‘I am enchanted - a great discovery and inspiration.’    

Pete Townshend (The Who)


In late 2018 The New York Times laid down a challenge.  “If America’s independent booksellers can’t figure a way to get The Bookshop Band to tour America, they’re doing something wrong”.  The following year the American Booksellers’ Association invited the band to the USA. 


This album, recorded LIVE on their debut US tour, follows The Bookshop Band performing in independent bookshops across New Jersey, New York, Colorado and New Mexico, playing songs inspired by contemporary authors from the UK and North America, as well as classics by Lewis Carroll and Shakespeare. The recordings place the listener right within the audience, each song and story captured in the unique ambience of a different bookshop. LIVE IN AMERICAN BOOKSHOPS shines a musical light on bookshops as ambassadors of culture, where people can not only revel in a story but also meet and create their own. It is a celebration of music and bookshops around the world, the people who run them and the people who walk through their doors. 


‘The Bookshop Band are great. If I were you I’d get thier album and sell it in my bookshop.’

Margaret Atwood


LIVE in American Bookshops CD

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