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Thanks for visiting our Folk Alliance EPK page.

Have a browse, download a folder HERE which has photos / WAVs / mp3s / and blogs, and if you'd like any more info, please get in touch: will get to us :) 

Ben & Beth 

NOTE: The Bookshop Band is supported by PRS Foundation’s International Showcase Fund, which is run by PRS Foundation in partnership with Department of International Trade (DIT), British Underground, Arts Council England, The Musicians’ Union (MU), PPL, Creative Scotland, Wales Arts International and Wales Arts International


// Hometown: Wigtown, Scotland
//  Genres:  Folk / bookcase /  alternative
//  Years Active:  2010 - present
//  Label:  Letterpress (DIY)
//  Website:


Follow this link for an exclusive FAI track called Room For Three, inspired by The Book of Dust, by Philip Pullman, as well as some LIVE tracks, recorded in American Bookshops.

A recent song we wrote in Canada, inspired by Alistair MacLeod's book No Great Mischief

Find all our recent new videos here:


Label: Letterpress Records |


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